Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I had help tonight

So I had all of the kids in bed and asleep and headed into the office to do some stamping.  I was working on designing something for my first grader to bring in to her class on Friday.  She is the "Fantastic First Grader" for the week and on Friday's the special person gets to bring in a treat to the class.  If you want to bring in food it has to be store bought.  Since I do not buy store bought goodies for my own kids I am not going to be sending them to school.  So I was working on some little goody bag type of things using a bunch of school supplies that were on clearance at Target.  About 15 minutes later the oven timer was going off and it was time to check the zucchini bread.  I went and took the bread out of the oven and rinsed a few dishes from dinner and threw them in the dishwasher and came back to a surprise in the office.  I was gone for maybe 10 minutes and my 21 month old daughter had woken up and pulled herself up to the desk for some play time of her own.  This is what I came back to.


So I was a little upset to see my work now cut up and scribbled on, but I didn't stay mad for very long as she tried to get me to help her with it.  I am just counting my lucky stars that she did not cut herself with the sharp scissors or get marker on her jammies.  I have learned my lesson, even if all the kids are asleep when I leave the room make sure all of my stuff is put away or the door is closed. 

So here is what her creation looks like. 

Hannah's Box

Now I get to go try and get her back to bed.  She has been sitting on my lap enjoying seeing her picture and her box on the computer.

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