Monday, June 16, 2008

quick 10 min project!

I could not believe it, this afternoon all 3 kids were down at the same time. The younger two were actually taking a nap (something my 4 year old only does once in a blue moon now days) at the same time and my oldest when in her bed to read books. I knew that my time was limited but I decided to head to my stamping table. I have been going through drawers and boxes to organize things lately and have come across a lot of odds and ends. The other day I kept finding random loose vellum tags , then I found an empty altoid tin, so I stuck the loose tags in there for safe keeping. Then I got the brilliant idea to make a little tag box. So this project was inspired from cleaning and to top it off, I completed it in 10 minutes, yep that's it 10 minutes.

I didnt like the original front so I just had to rip it off and start over. I am much happier but still think it is lacking something. The Christmas Gift Tags label was made using the Passing Notes font from the Write Me a Memory cd 2. The tags use the retired All The Trimmings Simply Scrapping kit and matching cardstock. It was really easy, just peel the stickers and place, then set some eyelets and you are done! Viola a cute little gift that any one would love (as long as they celebrate Christmas).
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