Monday, June 21, 2010

My Digital Studio…

… not just for scrapbooking.  Or even cards for that fact! 

The day that the new digital designer series paper download for mds called Summertime Splendor I just had to get it.  There are not too many times where I have seen something and had to have it right away.  I loved the images in the designer series paper and knew it would make for great scrapbook pages and immediately wished that Stampin’ Up! would have put it as a “real” paper in the catalog so I could cut it up and use it.  It did not even occur to me that, duh, you can print it out and use it on cards, until I saw Patty Bennet use it on her blog.  It was exactly what I wanted to do, she just took my thought and figured it out, instead of just wishing and not doing anything like I was.  So of course I have now made many sets of cards using the paper.  This is one of the sets that I took a picture of :

mdsss4 mdsss1 mdsss3

This is a simple version, and it is so easy to dress them up even more! 

I have been trying to use My Digital Studio more lately, to help catch up on some scrapbooking, and decided to use it to make inserts for the Simply Adorned 1 inch Charm.  So the first place I went was to the Summertime Splendor DSP. 

 sa2I then moved on to more whimsical one.  sa3

I sat down a printed out 20 different inserts in about 45 minutes.   I love this charm and wear it all of the time with the different inserts.  I always get comments on it when I wear it out.   Here are some of my favorite of the inserts.  sa1

(Oops, I just realized in this picture that the insert in the charm is stamped not done in MDS.)


Accessories:  Simply Adorned 1 inch Charm

Tools: My Digital Studio Software, Summertime Splendor Digital Download

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