Thursday, January 7, 2010

A 2010 Calendar

I was inspired by Patty Bennett to create a calendar using some of the pictures I had taken over the last year.  I love how simple it was to create using the My Digital Studio program from Stampin’ Up!  This calendar practically threw itself together and I love it.  I have yet to figure out how to export the calendar pages as they would appear in an actual calendar so I will show you each month side by side.

2010 Calendar12-002 2010 Calendar12-003 2010 Calendar12-004 2010 Calendar12-005 2010 Calendar12-006 2010 Calendar12-007 2010 Calendar12-008 2010 Calendar12-009 2010 Calendar12-010 2010 Calendar12-011 2010 Calendar12-012 2010 Calendar12-013 2010 Calendar12-014 2010 Calendar12-015 2010 Calendar12-016 2010 Calendar12-017 2010 Calendar12-018 2010 Calendar12-019 2010 Calendar12-020 2010 Calendar12-021 2010 Calendar12-022 2010 Calendar12-023 2010 Calendar12-024 2010 Calendar12-025


I think I am going to go back in and add a quote to each page.  This year I plan to take a picture of the kiddos for each month page and create a scrapbook calendar of the little life events that happen. 

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Nat said...

Wow, you took those pictures? Good job!

Robin McK said...

Lovely job! These look amazing!

jeannen2 said...

You've definitely got a knack for photography! The calendar is gorgeous -- you should market it! I love the idea of adding a quote yet! TFS!

Patty Bennett said...

THanks for your kind words.. your calendar is AMAZING !!! :)

Twila said...

Wow! What a great calendar. It's beautiful. Looks like your a great pphotographer too!