Monday, February 23, 2009


If the kids weren't asleep I would so be screaming right now.  Earlier today when I posted my last posts I noticed that there were items missing from my blog but thought that it was some sort of glitch or something and had to go get kids ready for dinner and stuff.  After getting them in bed I came back to check and see exactly what was up and my blogs have been screwed up.  I don't know what happened every post on our family blog was deleted prior to today and upwards of 50 posts between today and last August were deleted from my stamping blog.  I have no idea what could have happened to them and I am having no luck finding any help within blogger help support.  I have emailed them about it but who knows when I will hear back if ever.  It seems from reading the help forum that they don't respond with anything other than a generic form back very often.  To make matters worse, I cannot find a way to contact Blogger directly and read in a lot of the posts that you just have to post a message in the help forums and hope that someone that works at blogger reads it. 

I don't see how one of the kids could have done it because not only would they have to delete each post you have to confirm the deletion.  I cannot imagine them doing it 65-70 times either on accident or on purpose.  I did find two posts that I had drafts saved on my computer one for each blog but that was it.  I am just going to go crawl into bed and cry, there is just so much gone.

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Stephanie said...

sorry to hear that - hopefully a night of sleep will help you figure it out... {{{{hugs}}}}}

Jessica said...

yeah i noticed that last night, but I had originally tried to comment on your family blog last night but the word verification thing never came up. It would just say loading... but never actually load a word to copy. Maybe there is a correlation there. Probably not, but is at least something to mention if you actually talk to a Blogger person. I don't know if there is a way to back up your blog but you might want to look into it at least for this one. Good Luck!