Friday, August 27, 2010

What to do when you have a mistake

All too often I have friends tell me that they like how their card turned out except for one little thing, or they were almost done and messed it up and threw it away.  WAIT!  Why would you throw it away?  Most of the time you can play around with it and fix it.  I decided to show you on this card what I did.

This was a card that I had made with out a greeting, so that I could use it at a moments notice.  I pulled out the “thank you” I wanted to use and went to stamp it.  As I was lifting up the stamp it faltered in my hand and I dropped it a little and ended up smearing the greeting.

thankyougoof Now I would never send a card like this but I needed to find a way to make it presentable in a short period of time.  All I needed to do was come up with another layering option to cover the mistake.  I was going to add some wide ribbon but then I couldn't figure out a good placement for the greeting.  So I used some punches and liked the way that it ended up.  Here is what the finished card looks like, and the recipient will never know that there was a mistake.  (Well in my case she will know because I just told her).



So next time you have a card that you think is ruined, take a second look and try to find a way to cover it up or fix it!  Have a Stamperific Weekend!


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