Monday, August 29, 2011

Christmas and New Years Treat Boxes

School is back in session and we can stick to a schedule!  Hopefully that means more stamping time for me at nights. 

I have a few more sets of treat boxes to share with you.  Christmas was the most fun season yet.  There were so many things to create.  And you know the best part about all of these treat boxes is that if you make a set for yourself to keep and reuse each year, they fold up completely flat.  This Christmas set folds up into a set, that I keep together with one of those black binder clips, so depending on how many are in a set you have a stack that is only 1-2 inches thick. 


It is really hard to pick a favorite out of this set but I think that these have a slight edge over the others.

GingerbreadmanGingerbread house  Toy SoldierHere is the New Year’s Set:

KirstenBrownNewYearsTreatBoxes LeadI really like how Father Time and The New Year’s Baby turned out

Father Time New Years BabyI have had too much fun with this Candy Wrapper die and the whole project in general.     

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Anonymous said...

Way too cute!!! I am going to copy the soldier and gingerbread man and give them to my grandchildren's kindergarten class (40) in December. I will just make the gingerbread man into a girl:))
Thanks for sharing


Deb said...

sooooooooo flippin cute!!!!!!!!!!