Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Shot Tip

I have been asked by two different people on how to use the texturz plate on the front of a card base like seen in this card here, so I figure that there are probably more out there struggling too.  I am glad to know that I was not the only one who struggled to figure it out through much trial and error.  I even still have all of the messed up card fronts to prove it. (If you have messed up ones don't throw them away, you can use it for layers on a card!)  My allergies are pretty bad today so I am not going to do a video so you don't have to hear me sniffing and my yucky scratchy voice, but I have some pictures for you.

Start with your multipurpose platform open to tab 1.  Then if you want to use a shim now is the time to place it in your sandwich.  (A shim will make your stack thicker and give you a deeper impression.)  Next you want to line up the score line or fold line for the card along the edge of your texture plate.  You want the front of your card facing down on the texturz plate like this.tip1

Now you would carefully place your silicone rubber pad on the stack also lining it up with the score line in the card.  Top it all off with the impressions pad.  Then feed the stack through the bigshot so that the backside of the card that is not being embossed goes through first.tip2If you lined it up with the score line you will have a perfectly embossed card front! tip2 resultThis is the way not to do it, the way I tried the first 7 or 8 times.  The silicone rubber has a tendency to squish and slide/walk/shift, what ever you want to call it.  It just doesn't stay in the same exact way you put it but that is part of what makes the embossing work, it has the “give” in it.  I tried using removable adhesives and all sorts of things with no luck until I switched it around and did it the way shown above.  This it the way not to do it.  Do not have the cardstock sticking out the back of the sandwich!tip3Trust me this is what you will get if you do, it isn't so pretty. tip3 result


Supplies:  Big Shot Machine, Multipurpose Platform, Silicone Rubber, Impressions Pad, Stampin’ Up! Backgrounds #1 texturz plates, SU! cardstock

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June Annand said...

Yes, this is a great tip to share! Hope you feel better soon... take it easy.

Cherie said...

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this! My Big Shot & Texture Plates are coming Tuesday. I have been trying to figure out in my head how to just do the card front. I finally settled with probably only being able to texturize layers, instead. THANK YOU! ~ Cherie