Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Christmas Countdowns or Advent Calendars!

Now that we are into the full on Christmas season I have a two Christmas Advent calendars or Countdowns that I have been waiting to share.  The first is the mini muffin tin advent.

hh#8These are fun and easy to make and they are all over the internet.  I am not sure who the original creator was.  I had a great time in October teaching some ladies at work how to make these.  Just a few punches, your favorite adhesive and magnets and what a great project.  I found some scriptures that we put in the muffin wells to make this a great countdown to keep the real meaning of Christmas in mind.  There is also room in the wells to put in a little chocolate or treat.

This next countdown is counting down the 12 days of Christmas.  It uses the candy wrapper die, I created this when the die was first released and I am so excited that I came up with it all on my own I have just been sitting on it waiting to show it to you. 

Here is what it looks like hanging from my undecorated mantle. 

hh#4 Here is a close up of the boxes.  I used the same numbers for both the muffin advent and this one in MDS, printed on Vanilla cardstock and then just punched them out and layered them.  HH#4 close

These are bigger than the muffin tin advent so you can put something a little more substantial in it.  I designed them so that you just untie the candy wrapper from the main line on the appropriate day.  Then you fold the box flat and it stores nice and compact for next year.  This is the prototype version so it is a little plain.  I have great hopes for one all decked out, I am trying to be optimistic that there will be time to get it done!

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Julie said...

Hi Kirsten~

Where did you find the muffin tin, if you don't mind sharing? I've seen this all over blogland for the last 2 years and have been unsuccessful at finding that tin! :)