Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh Wow

I have not stamped in FOR_EV_ER.  We really have been dealing with a lot over in the Brown household and I have not been able to keep all of my balls that I am juggling up in the air.  Unfortunately the stamping and blogging balls were the first to get dropped.  But my husband is back at work, we are all currently healthy and it is ready to try and get some other things going again.  Thanks for being faithful and coming back.  I do have some things from a while ago to show you, a lot of it is Halloween related so I will probably skip those, but don't forget to come back for the blog tour this weekend.  Luckily they encouraged us to get an early start on it otherwise I would not be able to participate.  I have had those done for a month now.  I am going to my desk as soon as the kids are down so that I can work on tomorrow’s Diva Coffee Break Designs Challenge it is a wonderful sketch so come back and check it out.  Ok now on to some stamping.

This card is one that I did for my monthly swap on the sudemoonly yahoo group.  The swap was due in the mail on Sept 30 so I am guessing that everyone has seen it by now and it is safe to post, I have not had a chance to see if everyone has or not.   The swap was a Christmas themed one.

sept ccsThis is a shadow box card, I really love the way that it turned out.  I was trying to do a little something different, I think that I found the instructions on splitcoast but it was so long ago I don't really remember.  The ribbon is white taffeta ribbon dyed with cherry cobbler ink, I really wish we had actually ribbon in this color.  I really like the touch that the glass glitter adds to the frame.   

Have a great night, and I hope I can get back to chat with you soon!


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