Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time doesn’t just fly by…

…it zooms.  I can’t believe it has been so long since I have posted here.  I actually got so busy with things I pretty much forgot I had a blog.  We have still been waiting for the after holiday slow down to hit, and we still are.  I have a bit of a break this week but the kids are out of school for the whole week, so we will have to see what I can get done. 

So much has happened I don’t really know where to start.  That and I do not have that many photos of my latest projects because most of them were finished up minutes before giving them away.  I do have pictures of several UStamp With Dawn and Friends!! projects that I can share with you.  Speaking of UStamp we are in the middle of another FABOLOUS session.  This one is all about the BIG SHOT!

I have had two of my projects go live so far and here they are:

By popular request, I created a new group of Spring Treat Boxes:

I also showed some of our “hair pretties”.  My girls love wearing bows and flowers in their hair but I hate paying store prices for them because they are always loosing them or ruining them, so I had to figure a way to make some cheaper.  And here are a few of them:

Its not too late to sign up for this session of UStamp With Dawn and Friends, and there is still a lot of live fun to come and many more great projects!  So don’t miss out on the fun!

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1 comment:

Nat said...

Love the hair stuff! And that your kids call them "pretties"... Riley calls hair things "crazies" because I would always put them in after telling her how crazy her hair was, lol.