Friday, January 18, 2008

“Pretty Tailies”

Our two year old is obsessed with having her hair done with “pretty tailies” (what she calls her pony tails) every day.  We have this pretty blue dress for her that really makes her eyes pop but no “tailies” to match so I made her one with our pretties kit.  As I was doing that I got to thinking that I could make a bunch of them out of our supplies.  So for Christmas I made a bunch of them and added them to gifts for friends with little girls.  These are similar to bows that sell for lots of $$ in the stores and each cost me something around $0.50 to make.  I made several different kinds using our ribbons (the retired satin pomegranate and chocolate really made some pretty ones but I didn't get pictures of those before I gave them away), and then the pretties kit and the flower fusion felt flowers.  I was going to make some more and send the ideas into SU! but yesterday I finally got to see the new catalog and they have the same idea already in there, so someone already beat me to it.  Oh, well.  So since I cannot find the battery charger to our camera, which is dead, I cannot take pictures of the cards that I was going to post on Friday so I figured I would show you some of the ponytails.    I didn’t get pictures of the bows that are really like the boutique bows and I haven't had enough time to make more of them, but here is the link to the website that I found that gives you instructions on how to make them.  

YouTube Video – not my favorite style but a popular one

Lots of Styles – this website has a lot of instructions on many different types of bows that are free!


Here is Hannah so excited about her new ponytail.  Can you see it mom?pt2

This one use two flowers from the pretties kit.  I dyed the big flower first in my taken with teal ink pad and darkened it up by sponging on some not quite navy.  It then has a circle rhinestone from the ice collection in the center. pt3

This one uses 3 pretties flowers in various sizes, it has a piece of white organdy ribbon (retired) that has some of the beads from the pretties kit that is glued in between the smallest and med flowers and there is a half back pearl in the center of the flower to finish it off. pt4

This one uses the flower fusion felt flowers.  I have some olive flowers in the back to act as the leaves or greenery to make the flowers stand out a bit.  There are also orange circle rhinestones from the Fire collection in the centers of the flowers. pt5

This is just a simple bow with pretty in pink ribbon. pt6

One more really simple bow with white grosgrain.

Hannah had a blast being a talie model.  Now you can all go and make some little girl happy by making her a pretty bow, or flower to wear!

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